Get Custom Data Tailored To Your Business Requirements

Gain an edge over your competitors & overcome the marketing challenges by using our accurate and targeted custom data.


We understand how every business needs are different from each other, and thus, the same type of data never works for all. Keeping this in view, we offer a custom data service relevant to your niche, and it is the best service for your B2B business if the pre-packaged database is not working for you. 

To get relevant and realistic results, you should first contemplate what type of data you need and what parameters it must contain. Later, share your requirements with us, and Essentity will offer you data that will give you a competitive edge and excellent performance. 

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Why Do You Need Custom Data?

Are your marketing campaigns unable to drive expected results? Or Are you looking for a set of data that is highly specific and all about your target audience? If your answer is yes, you need only custom data to empower your marketing and sales team. However, until and unless you don’t have accurate and highly functional data, you cannot think of reaching out to your potential audience. Thus, it becomes imperative to rely on custom data instead of asking for a pre-packaged data solution. 

Though the pre-packaged database helps you reach a broad audience, a custom dataset narrows down the scope and is more focused compared to others. Ultimately, we want to give your marketing and sales team solid data to work upon and create personalized campaigns. 

As a B2B data provider company, we have only one goal, i.e., to help you overcome challenges and step closer to achieving business goals. Your success is our success, and we are ready to take up every step it takes. We believe that correct data is all you need to reach out to the right prospects and sell your products or services. 

Interact With The Right Audience Instantly 

Run Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns Every Time

How We Collect Data For You?

Are you fed up with doing extensive research? or Unable to drive expected results? Whatever your reason is, Essentity can help you in the best possible manner. We will tell you how to start and proceed further. Our highly curated lists of custom data are all you need to swiftly excel and surpass your competitors. 

No need to risk your money or waste time anymore. Below, we have explained how our data experts cater to your requirements and streamline your lead generation process. 

  • Procuring raw data from primary & secondary data sources

  • Thoroughly cleansing the data

  • Matching it with the required fields

  • Validating data 

  • Creating records for your usage

Your Custom Data File Is Good To Go 

Want to scale your Business 

Why Consider Essentity For Getting Custom Data Service?

We are glad that you are asking WHY. There are plenty of companies around who prefer to purchase business emails or pre-packaged data. Though many players in the market offer data services, we are a bit different. At first, our data experts try to understand what your business is about and who your target audience is. 

Also, plenty of companies are trying their best to convince their clients to spend money on pre-packaged data. These companies don’t want to spend their resources and time helping the businesses thrive. But they are all focused on minting money from their clients. On the other hand, we give you tailored data that help you run impactful campaigns and connect with potential customers. 

Just share your requirements in-depth with us, and our data experts will share custom-built targeted data with you. 

Benefit Of Using Industry Specific Custom Data

Make Right Decisions Through Targeted Custom Data

We are here to help you thrive, achieve all your marketing goals, and build a solid brand image. You are just one step away from achieving results like never before.

Hi-Fi Targeted Data

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for top-tier professionals or anyone related, we can help you meet your requirements. We will provide targeted, accurate, information-rich, and personalized data. 

Excellent Lead Generation

Having custom data makes the lead generation process quite easier. In addition, the marketing and sales teams can propel the business to new heights by leveraging highly focused custom datasets. 

Steal The Show

With us, you can target any industry and drive higher ROI from every marketing campaign. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by targeting qualified prospects who are highly interested in your business.

Faster Results

Correct data is essential to lay the foundation of your business and take off your excess load. Let us know what sort of data you need; we will deliver the same and, by using it, grow your business at a rapid pace. 

Focus On Sales

We take off your burden of finding relevant data which is not redundant or bad. It means now your sales team can focus on building relationships with the leads and meeting their targets. 

Empower Your Business

Our Custom Datasets help you expand your business, add new target customers, clinch sales goals on time and generate a consistent flow of leads. You can do whatever you want using this data and boost business growth. 

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