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The good news for marketers is that Email Marketing is still alive. Millions of B2B emails are exchanged daily, but half of them get deleted, or nobody bothers to read them. So what’s the reason behind it?. The major reason behind the failure of your email marketing campaigns is The Data You Are Using. 

Email marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing only if you are doing everything right. To get higher conversion rates, you must create email campaigns considering several factors. The most imperative is Data, and we are here to help you with the same.

Essensity has the best of the data experts who excel at providing you targeted prospects’ emails data. We do everything under our email marketing service ranging from creating email lists to writing mailer content to scheduling emails to keeping a tab on the progress of email campaigns. 

Why Is Email Marketing Essential For Your Business?

Even the top bloggers and marketers say that email marketing is best. It allows you to get in touch with the right prospects and keep them informed about your business. But despite putting so much effort, some marketers feel running email marketing campaigns is quite challenging. For them, the whole email marketing process is quite hectic, and it is because their base is not strong.

Starting your email campaigns without first knowing about your audience means diverting your emails to the audience’s trash folder. The conversions will happen only when you are targeting the right prospects at the right time. Thus, it becomes essential to have a rich repository of accurate data. 

Moreover, failed marketing campaigns cost you time, money, resources, and effort. So, instead of focusing on the unqualified leads, why can’t you begin with qualified ones. But, you might ask, I don’t have the data. No worries, Essensity has your back. We are here to offer end-to-end email marketing services to you. It will help you in growing your business exponentially and reach potential prospects through emails. 

Reap Email Marketing Benefits Like a Pro

Whether you wish to boost your brand awareness or gain new customers, our rich repository of email marketing services is all you need. 

If you have the correct email addresses of your target audience to reach out to, then no one can stop you from meeting your business goals. 

We have got everything you need to excel in creating email campaigns and leverage available business opportunities. With essentity, you can reap the following benefits: 

Convert Faster

You will be sending emails to only those who are interested in your business. It means no wastage of time or resources or the efforts you are putting in. 

Reach Right Prospects

If the base is strong and targeted, i.e., data, you can boost brand reach, acquire new leads and interact with the prospects in the right manner. 

Custom Campaigns

Don’t run marketing campaigns blindly. Using essentity’s email marketing service, create impactful and personalized campaigns which help you drive desired results.

Know Your Audience

Through email marketing, deeply get to know your target audience’s pain points, interests, and other How, What, and Why to serve them better.

No More Clutter

Are your emails landing in the trash folder? It is because you aren’t using the correct data. Our rich & fresh email database ensures you get a higher ROI & response rate.

How Do Essentity Help You With Email Marketing Services?

Just tell us your requirements in detail, and we will tell you how we can help. Also, we know how every business is different from one another. Therefore, we never follow one approach for all businesses. As per your business and requirements, we will devise a strategy. We follow below-mentioned steps: 

  • Understand the requirements & goals 

  • Create Emailers content relevant to the business niche

  • Create the email list

  • Import email list into the EM software

  • Set up tracking to keep a tab on different metrics

  • Emails Testing 

  • Start sending emails to prospects

  • Use the data derived to improve more

  • Keep following up

Why Rely On Essentity For Running Successful Email Campaigns?

We are aware of all the tidbits and the strategies it takes to deliver effective email marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter to which industry you belong; we have all the tools and data experts needed. 

  • Experts at handling End-to-End Email Marketing campaigns

  • Get fresh data always

  • Recycle your old Data

  • Domain expertise

  • Cleanse your existing data

  • Custom data as per needs

  • Flexible delivery approach

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