Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. They create an agreement legally binding Essentity and you. Essentity is a leading data services provider serving customers globally. These terms and conditions control your usage and access to the Essentity website and services; therefore, make sure you don’t miss anything. By using or accessing our website, you indicate that you have carefully read and understood everything and agree to remain obligated by the terms of services and related privacy policy. If you don’t agree to the terms, please cease the use of our website effective immediately.

Your Account

To use our website, you must: (i) Be of 18 years or more in age, (ii) Create an account on our website (if needed), (iii) Agree to all the terms and conditions, (iv) Provide accurate, complete, true, and latest contact and billing details. You might get your account assigned by your organization, educational institution, or by your employer. As soon as your account is assigned to you, additional terms might be applied and these terms will control how you use our website. You are restricted from sharing your account details, such as passwords, with any third-party entity. If you think that your account has been jeopardized, please get in touch with Essentity as soon as possible.

Terms And Termination

These terms are a contract between Essentity and you. By accessing our website, you agree to restrict your activities on the website, under the terms and conditions, all the required laws and regulations and agree you will be responsible for any compliance with the applicable local laws. The agreement is going to last for as long as the user has an account on our website or until we delete the account for the violation of these terms. Essentity has the authority to terminate your account whenever we want against any reason by either providing or not providing prior notice. Also, we can suspend any user’s account at any time, without or with causes. The information contained on this website is protected by trademark law and copyright.


Essentity owns all the website’s interest, title, and proprietary rights, including (not limited upto) trade secret copyrights, service marks, trademarks, patents, and intellectual property rights. In case you provide requests, recommendations, ideas, comments, and suggestions for enhancements, additional functionality or features, or feedback to Essentity, you, by all means, assign interest, title, all the rights, including proprietary right, to the feedback to Essentity. The licenses that will be granted to you with regards to your agreement with Essentity are explicitly conditioned upon complaisance with the terms. All the rights that are not explicitly granted are reserved to Essentity. Any use of our website in a way that’s not expressly authorized in the contract is repressively prohibited. You warrant and represent that you own or are authorized and licensed to use all the information, data, content, and material provided by you to Essentity against using our website. You will remain the owner of the information, data, content, and material you provide to Essentity.

Marketing Practices

Essentity follows all the following marketing practices, and we expect our clients to follow them too:

  • Any marketing pitch via post, fax, phone, or email is sent to specifically those who have granted us permission to do so
  • The first or subsequent marketing emails send to the clients and prospects contain an unsubscribe link, allowing you to unsubscribe to our emails anytime.
  • The marketing pitches will be sent only via the medium selected by the prospects.
  • Our customer database contains only the specific contacts who gave us permission and consent for the same.
  • We provide a toll-free number, email address, and postal address in each email. It will help you contact us whenever you want regarding any issues and concerns.
  • Complete data related to the company name, the nature of the business, and why we ask for your private details are provided to you in the very first marketing campaign.
  • Every email contains a link of our privacy policy webpage, helping you understand our products understand us better.

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