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Right from the start, Essentity is always committed to ensuring you are safe online and the data is kept confidential. These privacy policy documents disclose and clear you about how we collect your information, how we collect data for you, what practices do we follow, and other security measures taken by Essentity. In this document, the terms like We, Our, and Us refers to “Essentity” and Your, User & Client refers to those who are using our website or availing of the services that we provide.

Kindly note that This Privacy Policy is in no form will ever replace the terms and conditions and other policies set for the customers. Through, this document, we are just trying to elucidate how we handle your personal information.

To use our website and avail of the services we offer, you have to agree to this privacy policy. Even if you decide not to read this document and continue using our website then that denotes you agree to whatever we have mentioned herein. If you don’t want to agree to any point then we request you to kindly refrain from visiting our website and buying services that we offer.

If you are a resident of California then don’t forget to read Privacy For California Residents section and learn about the data privacy act.

Compliance With Rules

Essentity complies with all the local, state, and federal laws set by the respective governments when it comes to rendering data services. We follow and adapt to respective guidelines, methods, practices, etc set by the industries of which we are part and it also includes the DMA ( Direct Marketing Association ).

Right from start to end, we follow strict security and privacy measures to protect our customers at every step. Herein, we have mentioned the major aspects of our privacy policy and we have given answers to most of the questions that you might have about the services we offer.

Collecting Data

We are adept at collecting authentic, accurate, and targeted data. It doesn’t matter to which industry do you belong, we know how to retrieve good useful data. Essentity also creates several profiles of companies and people linked with business, we call these profiles Business Handle and we collect data from different reliable sources. Once we have collected all the sought-after data, we ensure whether it aligns with your business or not. We filter out the unnecessary data and keep the accurate one. Our repository of collected data is then made available to the users or the clients who need it. The information we collected includes data fields like name, job title, email address, position, location, department, employment history, education history, etc.

We source the data from reliable sources only. We thoroughly conduct a thorough scan of the platform before collecting data from it. Doing in-depth market research is our forte and our in-house team of data experts is also pro at what they do.

Essentity also collects information on the website itself and other websites from time to time to simplify the process of collecting data.

When you are availing of our services and filling out the information ensure that whatever personal data you are filling in is latest, accurate, and accessible. It will save our precious time and yours as well. We also collect information to serve you according to demographics and the location you are in, it helps us to constantly improve the website content and send timely email alerts.

What Ways do We Follow To Collect Data?

Here are a few ways we follow to collect information:


  1. Whenever you share or submit your personal information yourself via our website or while creating an account.
  2. When you purchase our data services like data enrichment, data appending, data validation, and much more. Whenever you use our mobile app (if available)
  3. Whenever you connect with us via an email or social media
  4. From linked third parties
  5. Automatically collected information

Sharing and Disclosing Customer’s Personal Information

Essentity holds the right to have complete ownership of whatever information you share with us or our linked subsidiaries. The said information will be collected from reliable sources only. We promise to never reshare, send, sell or rent any part of your information to any third party or disclose it in any form. Well, there are a few instances where we might need to share your information with others. Here it is:

Essentity can have access to the information provided by you, uploaded in the system by you, present in the usage logs of our site, and another user of our site. This all is collectively called Customer Information.

If you have questions regarding it then don’t forget to reach out to us.

We use your information to conduct business and render you the services you asked for. It also helps us to respond to your queries, entertain user requests, offer customer service, complete the transactions, send admin info, and lastly to enhance your user experience at Essentity.

Your personal information also helps us to understand you and your needs in a better way. We might use your info to contact you in the future and explain the ongoing offers, discounts, giveaways, opportunities, etc. Moreover, it also helps us to keep an eye on the breaches if any happens and mitigate it immediately.

We never disclose our customer’s information to any other third party or affiliate network linked with us, we do so only when it’s legitimately needed to proceed with the process. If any legal dispute occurs or the law wants us to reveal your information then we abide by it. Essentity will always strive hard to get the confidentiality agreements and other information from any entity or person to whom your information is disclosed in any way and ensure that they committed to following security measures.

We also implement all the required security measures to protect your information. With us, it is highly unlikely that any loss or corruption of your information shared with us will happen, Essentity is not completely responsible for it if anything such happens in any case. We request you to keep a copy of the information you have shared with us.

How Essentity Uses Your Information?

In addition to the above everything we explained about your information, we may or may not make use of your personal information for the following purpose:

  • To constantly improve the user experience and provide necessary information
  • To keep the information provided by you fresh, clean, and maintain it from time to time
  • Reply to your questions, requests, comments and provide excellent customer support
  • To send you technical updates, alerts, admin messages and render support
  • If you want to create an account on Essentity and find whether it’s you signing to your account or someone else
  • Send details about the latest products, services, events, promotions, etc and other news which might be useful to you
  • Keep the rights as well as the property of Essentity completely safe and our customers too
  • Tell you about the imperative changes of the website and updations in the privacy policy. We never always inform you
  • To conduct contests, deliver rewards, and much more
  • To comply with the legal rules resolves disputes if any arises, and implement the agreement

Essentity uses several standard security measures in the order you against any security breach, loss of information, misuse, disclosure, destruction, etc. Once we have your personal information, keeping it safe becomes our responsibility. But it is not limited to some or controlled access by the Essentity’s employees, data centers, servers, hardware, security software, etc.

Ensure whenever you have created a password then it’s a strong one. You can even let Essentity remember you so whenever you log in next time then it happens automatically because we have the cookie stored in the browser. In case you have lost the password then Forget Password is there to help.

Whenever you share highly sensitive information with us like the payment info then we ensure it gets shared with the linked payment gateways in an encrypted format.

Though we take every required step to Ensure You Are Safe and Secure With Essentity we don’t guarantee anything. Sometimes the systems might not work and it is not under our control. 

Essentity is in no way responsible for any unauthorized access to your account or disclosing personal information etc that might occur due to no fault of Essentity and we are not involved in this in any way. This policy is not limited to errors in transferring data, entering the wrong password, putting invalid login details, failure of the subscriber to comply with the security measures, or any unauthorized act by the third party or our employees.

Cookies Information

In this section, we let you know how we make use of cookies and other technologies to help you and our business partners carry on with their work.

If we tell in a nutshell then Cookies are kind of text files that the online services providers and the website keep storing the necessary information about the visitors on the device of the user. It can be used to keep a log of the ongoing sessions and also to store your login access details so you don’t have to put in login details every time you want to log in to the respective website. Cookies are also stored to understand what exactly the visitor does when they visit the website and then customize the site as per their needs and make it more user-friendly for them.

A unique identifier is linked with the cookies that help the advertisers, marketers, website owners, etc to recognize from which device you are accessing the site and what is your behavior on the internet. You can even turn on the settings in your internet browser that will warn you every time you are asked to confirm cookies. You have the right to refuse to accept it completely. However, nonacceptance of the cookies will interfere with the normal browsing and you might not be able to access some features.

How do we keep track?

We also make use of web beacons or pixels sometimes to transfer required information from the browser you are using to the webserver. Pixels can be easily adjusted in emails, videos, site content, web pages, etc, and using it the webserver can easily track you and check whether you have seen a particular set of information or not. It helps us to determine several other things about the visitor.

We also sometimes do retargeting and collaborate with partners to show you the relevant ads and improve our services. These linked partners may or may not have their pixel tags to collect different types of information about you.

Also, take into consideration that, our business partners may use pixels and cookies and we might not have control over them. The purpose of collecting all this information is just to make your experience at Essentity an excellent one.

Third-Party Links

Our site may contain links to third-party sites and we have no complete control over them. Essentity is not responsible for any privacy-related issues that may arise due to using third-party sites. To be on the safer side, we suggest you go through their privacy policy and other documents.

They may collect information about you even when you are seeing ads or communicating via a third party. In addition, if you find any third-party links at our site then that doesn’t mean we are endorsing it or recommending it to you. We are not at all responsible for any future issues or liable for any damage done.

Spam Management

Essentity is committed to a no-spam policy. For email marketing, we do permission-based marketing means we don’t spam or send you emails without your permission. We follow an anti-spam policy for both our visitors and our clients.

We strictly prohibit sending you any unsolicited promotional material to those who have not permitted us to receive such emails.

Kindly ensure that you don’t use Essentity for any illegitimate purpose and don’t violate any federal, local, national, international, and state laws.

You are supposed to be bound by all these policies. If in any case, we found you violating, we will immediately terminate your access to Essentity.

Privacy For California Residents

If you live in California then for these clients we stay in compliance with CCPA i.e. California Consumer Privacy Act which gives you a set of specific rights that include:

  1. The right to know what information does Essentity collects from its clients or visitors, how we disclose, sell and do anything else with that information.
  2. The right to tell Essentity or request for information deletion anything. It is subject to a few restrictions and you can opt-out anytime to restrict us from accessing your personal information.
  3. To know in detail about how we collect your personal information and what we do with it, kindly refer to the above section named “Collecting data & How Essentity uses your information”.

If you want to know in-depth regarding how we protect the privacy rights of California residents under CCPA then you can either send us an email or choose an option called “Don’t sell my information”, this option is provided at the bottom of the page where you are filling in information. Our amiable customer support team at Essentity will get back to you as soon as possible or in the timeframe applicable under the ruling law. Before entertaining your request, we will verify if it is you or someone else, it might require government ID verification too. You also have the right not to use our website if in case you don’t want to agree to any of the terms.

Privacy Policy For UK and European Union Residents

If in any case, you belong to the United Kingdom or are a citizen of the European Union then in such cases GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rule is applicable for you. To know in detail, kindly have a look at our GDPR page.

Changes to Existing Privacy Policy

Essentity reserves the right to change any terms or section in the privacy policy without giving any notice to anyone. We might keep amending it from time to time so we encourage you to keep an eye. You must agree to all the terms mentioned in this privacy policy document before using our website.

Contact Us

In case you have any queries, doubts, suggestions and anything else you want to ask then contact Essentity at:



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