Get Maximum ROI using Targeted and Verified Data

Every company has piles of data but are you sure all of it is worth using? It’s Not. Essentity is here with Data Validation Service to help you maximize ROI, run excellent marketing campaigns, and get desired results using accurate Data. 


The unverified data will take your business nowhere in the long run. But it will deviate you from achieving the business goals. For example, you might be reaching out to your customers through a thousand different ways like email, social media, etc. It doesn’t matter how irresistible offers or messages you are sending them. But if they are not noticing or giving good response, then all your efforts are gone in vain. 

The real problem here is with the Data you are using. It is unverified, non-accurate, and not targeted. To successfully run the marketing campaigns and get in touch with potential customers, you need accurate, high-quality, and verified data in hand. Here comes Essentiy’s Data Validation service to help you scale your business and give life to your marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Immediately Need Data Verification Services?

Data is the foundation over which your business flourishes, so it has to be accurate and verified. To get high-quality data that you can leverage, we follow a rigorous data verification process. The correct data can act as your business revenue generator; isn’t it amazing? 

Essentity is here to help you find accurate contact data out of the piles of outdated and invalid data. We follow both automatic and manual methods for excellent data verification. We excel at removing old addresses, invalid contact information, and inactive details to hand over clean data to you in the end. 

After getting refreshed and the correct data from us, you can reach out to potential customers you want to connect with. Reap the following benefits in all business aspects:

Cut Down Costs

Saving money is one of the goals of every company. When you start using verified and accurate data, it helps to cut down the costs you were spending on utilizing unverified data through different channels like email, phone calls, text messages, marketing campaigns, etc.

Save Precious Time 

Every company at first tries its best to manage everything internally, but sometimes things get messed up. For fetching valuable data out of unmanaged piles of data, you need help from an expert like us. So outsource your data verification work to us and let your team focus on other essential things.

Level Up Marketing Game

We understand how competitive the marketing world has become. To win, you have to ace the marketing game. We are here to give you a data verification service to scale marketing efforts and create a sales pipeline that will deliver you desired results.

Reach Right People 

Increase the effectiveness of every marketing campaign you create by reaching out to highly interested people. Get all the essential data verified by us like the name, titles, demographics, etc. Then, using the right targeted data, you can optimize campaigns well and get 100 times more ROI.

Our Data Verification Process

The customer’s data verification process involves thoroughly checking the phone numbers, address details, email addresses, etc., to ensure whether all the given fields are up to date or not. The more targeted and accurate the data, the higher are the chances of your customers getting in touch with your business. Conversely, skipping the Data Validation process can cost you thousands of dollars. 

Here are the steps we follow: 

  • Data Submission 

  • Web Research & Social Validation

  • Correcting Syntax

  • Deduplication

  • Checking Email Addresses

  • Blacklist Erroneous Data

  • Compliance With Data Policies

  • Spam Check

  • Check For Bounces

  • Uniqueness and Accuracy Check

  • Wrong or Unverified Data Removal 

  • Data Validation

  • Deliver Accurate Data

Let our data experts help you get the most out of your existing customer data and remove all the unwanted or unverified fields from it.

Your Data Is Our Priority

We are one of the best data verification services providers in the market. We live upto your expectations and deliver you the fully verified data to leverage. Also, we believe data-driven decisions made using quality data lead to excellent results and effective communication with customers. 

We can help you level up in every aspect. Our comprehensive data validation service, also called data verification, helps our clients maintain data accuracy without hassle. Reduce the costs and errors associated with leveraging incorrect or unverified data. 

Our data experts are ready with our tools to cater to your requirements and check the Data you give for verification in real-time.

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