Our Commitment To Fulfil All The Obligations And Help You

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR was first implemented on May 25, 2018. GDPR is a European Union Privacy law that expands the definition of “private data”. Under this regulation, businesses are encouraged to be transparent, when it’s about data processing activities. The GDPR policy replaces the Data Protection Act 1995/46.

How we Commit to GDPR

Being a leading data service provider, Essentity ensures to meet all the obligations.
Customers have the right to review the steps taken by our experts to comply with GDPR. Here's how we ensure our full commitment to the GDPR:
● We have a team of experienced data experts that ensures fulfillment of all the GDPR obligations
● At each point, we perform a transparent and fair process
● One of our robust principles includes informing the users about how we use their data
● Our specialized team always ask for your consent first, before sending marketing emails
● We are accountable for changing or deleting any of the consumer data, however, with their consent and according to your requirements
● You have the facility to send us emails. Our team of professionals will process them accordingly
● Along with each email, our team will also provide you with an opt-out option
● We perform database cleanup along with the removal of obsolete data regularly
● All of our existing contact data are audited by our competent data experts in order to maintain data accuracy
● With email confirmation, we have also programmed a re-permission feature
● We are responsible for tracking the data usage and classification of an individual's data
● We also follow rigid and strict steps for secure sharing and efficient protection of the access rights

Our Security Updates

At Essentity, maintaining our customer's privacy and securing their personal information is
one of our top priorities. Here's what we do to properly ensure that –
● We educate all our customers about GDPR, its rules and regulations along with how we maintain all the obligations

● Our data experts ensures that only authorized users can access an individual's or company’s data
● The client data is secure and identifiable regardless of the storage space it uses
● We use comprehensive and advanced technology for application, network, and rendering data services
● Entire data is in an encrypted format and password-protected
● We follow strict security practices to reduce the risk of breaches. If in any case, the breach still happens, we immediately inform you about it.
● Along with GDPR, Essentity also complies with numerous regulations, standards, and certifications which includes BBB standards and DMA certification
● We ensure that one gets complete access to data only under a need-to-know situation
● Our team performs complete data audits on daily basis to reduce errors
● We also review the storage and usage of our consumer’s data, however, on their behalf and with full consent

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