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To smoothly surpass the competitors, you need to keep a tab on your audience’s technological behaviour. As a business, be aware of which technology interests them, what gadgets or softwares they are using etc. Knowing all these technological parameters can fuel your business and generate unprecedented results.

For getting a thorough understanding of the audience’s technological interests, you can rely on Essentity. Our data experts excel at giving you the detailed information. Also, essentity understands a myriad of softwares, web applications etc., that are used globally. 

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How is technographic data different from normal data?

If, as a business, you are relying just on the demographics data, then it becomes hard to thoroughly understand your audience. It is because your audience is heavily dependent on technology, so you need technographics data also. They use different types of technologies for communicating, searching etc. Thus, it becomes imperative to have an email list or data about their technological interests. Also, the technographics data is only focused on the tech interests of the audience and nothing else. 

From Essentity, you can get authentic and verified data only. Moreover, the businesses also use different types of technologies like SaaS, CRM, IoT etc., for carrying on with their day to day activities. The global technology leaders like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung etc., are ruling the tech industry. Our team of competent data experts excel at giving you a thoroughly verified, detailed and well-researched mailing list of technological data.

Why do you need Tech Installs Data?

There are plenty of advantages linked with using Tech Installs Data which you can reap. We curate the technology users list from highly authentic, verified and reliable sources. You can leverage that data for multiple benefits, right from building campaigns to communicating smoothly. 

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How do we collect & process Tech Installs Data?

From us, you get accurate, valid, detailed and verified tech installs data only. This is how we collect it: 

1) Our data research team goes through social media profiles and other online profiles to collect data. 

2) We collect individuals’ data in terms of where they are working, what tech they use etc.

3) Our data validation teams call these individuals to verify if the data they collected is accurate or not.

4) The information is collected from the candidates to validate the tech they are using and its license.

5) We reach out to top-level IT professionals using manual and automatic approaches to confirm whether they are upgrading the tech they are using. The ones who are looking forward to upgrading tech are considered hot leads. 

6) Again the lead is verified by our data experts based on the checks we have formulated. 

7) Later, the verification is done at definite intervals to know whether they upgraded tech or are still using it. If updated, then what version they are using. 

8) We run verification checks once a year to check if the company is still dependent on the same old tech or upgraded it. 

9) We also perform email verification to ensure the technological user is still active and using that technology and working at the same company. 

10) We keep performing different validation and verification checks from time to time to ensure the data you have always stays fresh and accurate. 

Now you know how much workload we have taken off your shoulders. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now.

Benefits Of Using Tech Installs Data

Be ready to enjoy the following benefits of tech install data:

Bunch Of New Opportunities

Businesses spend millions in the technology industry. By reaching out to the technological users using our tech installations data, you can connect with them, leverage new opportunities and experience business growth. 

Get A Budget Idea

Having tech installs data gives you a clear indication about how much money the company can spend. If they are using Hitech and well-built technology, it certainly means they have no budget shortage. Successfully outreach them and be confident of cracking a deal. 

Forecast Growth Metric

When you have the right data, that means 80% of your work is already done. Successfully project what will be the ROI and Growth and sell with ease. Explain to your prospects how the proposed technology can shoot up their revenue graph. 

Connect On Personal Level

Personalization works like a charm during the sales process. Technographics data gives you a detailed 360-degree view of prospects’ technological interests. Then, draft your campaigns and messages around addressing the prospects’ challenges to level up your marketing game. 

Leverage The Gaps

When tech marketing is done right, then it can do wonders for your business. By thorough analysis and having tech install data, you can find the gaps in the prospect’s company and outreach them to bridge it using the technology you are offering. This way, portray yourself as a credible brand and thoughtful leader. 

What to expect in Essentity’s Technology Database? 

Essentity’s Tech Installs Data is thorough to such an extent that it helps you stay ahead of competitors. Our broad catalogue of tech installs database includes data about all the fields you requested. Also, based on location, we can give you detailed technology users data to help you boost your marketing campaigns and earn higher ROI. 

Tech Installs Services Includes Data About:

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Cloud Services

  • SaaS

  • Server Softwares

  • ERP

  • Database

  • CRM

  • Website Server

  • Operating System

  • Storage Database

  • Programming Languages

  • Plugins

  • CMS

  • SAP and much more

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