Easy Ways of Growing Your Email List

Even after so much progress in the field of marketing, Email Marketing is still the most lucrative way to market any business. As marketers, we have developed an understanding of writing personalized emails, sending cold emails, pitch clients, sending automated messages, and much more using different digital channels. Aside from constant upskilling, email marketers are missing to focus on the imperative element. It is having the latest list of emails of people who are ready to engage with your brand. 

But before we get to our main point, here is some bad news for you. Often, several companies and brands are still using the ages-old database of emails for running email marketing campaigns. If you are also one of them using the 5 years old email list, you are in trouble. As an email marketer, it’s your responsibility to update email databases and stay in touch with subscribers constantly. 

Are you now looking for easy yet effective ways to grow your email list? Yes, then that’s why we are here to help you. 

What is an email list?

An email list, also called the list of subscribers, is a collection of the email addresses of those customers, leads or people who have decided to receive emails from your brand or company. The emails can be about anything like updates, discount offers, information, product launches etc.

Your email list keeps fluctuating as the subscribers have the right to unsubscribe and opt-in anytime. It is why you constantly need to focus on growing your email list, so you don’t run out of emails. Email marketing is still the best way to keep and acquire new customers. 

Why is growing your email list important?

You may ask why I need to focus on growing my email list and why I can’t keep the old one? Then here is the answer. 

Every year, the email list you have created degrades 25%. It is so because some of them unsubscribe, change the company, shift their job, interest in change etc. To make up for the numbers you are losing, you need to grow your email list constantly. 

Here are few reasons to make you believe why email marketing is still the best mode of marketing: 

  • Powerful mode of communication

  • Emails are personal

  • An email has a broad reach compared to social media

  • Email marketing is highly targeted

  • Emails are purposeful 

  • Your email list is yours only

  • Email allows one to one communication

  • People frequently use email as a mode of communication

You need not just believe us, but you can trust the experts. Here is what they have to say about the growing email list: 

Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them.

– Neil Patel – Crazy Egg and QuickSprout


Email is the most predictable driver of growth and sales in our business, and I prefer email marketing over all other traffic channels.

– Syed Balkhi – Founder WPBeginner

And many more have the somewhat same thoughts. They all accepted that their biggest mistake was not creating an email list when they were starting. 

We don’t want you to commit the same mistake, so that’s why we are here to guide you. Read on to know the ways to grow your email list quickly from zero to thousands of subscribers.

Proven and Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List From Zero To Thousands

Here are a few excellent tips to start following immediately to grow your email list and reach more people interested in your brand. A well-formulated and high-quality email list directly impacts how your campaign will turn out and the number of sales you will generate. 

Give Valuable Incentives

It doesn’t matter how complex marketing techniques you try; the people will only subscribe if you present them with something beneficial. It is the basic rule of every business. To make people subscribe to your emailing list, give them excellent and valuable incentives. 

Keep Email List Clean and Segmented

There must be different types of people with varied interests in your email list. You need to segment the mailing list to ensure you target only those interested and don’t waste time putting efforts somewhere else. 

Use Lead Magnets To Beat Competitors

No one can deny the power of Lead Magnets. Use any type of multiple lead magnets to capture the attention of different kinds of audiences. Lead magnets work like giving a bribe to the audience. You promise to provide them with something valuable, and they, in return, share their contact information with you like email, phone number, name etc. 

Content Lock Feature

To use this feature, ensure the content of your website is top-notch, SEO optimized and providing valuable information. No one bothers to unlock the content by adding their email address if it’s not worth reading. There are several content lock feature tools available using which you can grow the email list. 

Host Free Webinars

Who doesn’t like to attend webinars? Hosting webinars are the ideal way to connect with the target audience and grow your email list. It is because, to get entry to the webinar, the users have to register via email. Later, you can add those email addresses to your mailing list. Isn’t it quite simple and great?

Post-High-Quality Content

Content is the king as we all know but make sure this king has some top-notch authority; otherwise, it will become a slave. What we mean is that create a blog and start posting high-quality SEO optimized content on it. You can install popups or scroll boxes on blogs to capture the email address. Moreover, you can add a CTA telling “Subscribe to stay updated”.

Give Discount Offers

Every customer falls for discount offers and coupons, so why not leverage the opportunity and make them join your email list. Ensure the discounts you are giving makes sense to your audience and is relevant to your business. 

Use Facebook Ads

By attaching a landing page to the Facebook ads, you can grow your mailing list. Ensure your ad is optimized enough, so it converts well. Along with this, you can add CTA to your FB page cover photo and sign up button.

Stay Active At Quora

A question-answer site Quora is still popular among marketers especially. Go to quora, find the questions relevant to your brand and then give a detailed answer. In the response, you can add the link to the landing page of your website. Don’t overdo adding links; otherwise, quora will delete the answer. 

Held Contests and Giveaways

It is one of the easiest ways to gain more subscribers and add them to your mailing list. The giveaway can be as simple as giving them access to tools or anything else you like. This giveaway will create a snowball effect as there will be so many people interested in taking part. 

Ask For Frequent Feedbacks

Never miss taking feedback from your customers or visitors. There are many ways to collect feedback, like creating online surveys, adding CTA, making landing pages etc. When the visitors are interested in your website, they never hesitate to give feedback. While getting feedback, ensure you make the email address field necessary. Along with getting feedback, you can also ask them to drop some suggestions. 

Use Scroll Box or Timed Lightbox Popup

Users don’t heed static signup forms. Your goal as an owner is to capture their attention, and you can get it with the help of a scroll box or sign up form or lightbox popup. Out of all, Slide-in Forms seems the best because they beautifully appear on the content. Moreover, they also don’t interfere with the existing content on the page. Whenever using these forms, make sure you make the email field mandatory to capture email addresses.

Take Part in Facebook or Linkedin Groups

In the Facebook groups, you must have seen people asking for the email address in return for sharing valuable information. This is an old technique. At Linkedin, you can redirect them to the landing page to enter their email address to proceed further. Stay active in both Facebook and Linkedin groups to leverage an opportunity to grow your email list. 

Create excellent email content – Subject and Inner content

An email with a captivating subject line and unique starting content always captures the attention of the receiver. It is because looking at the subject line and those initial lines of the email; only the receiver decides whether to open it or ignore it. 

We hope now you are almost aware of how to capture email addresses and keep growing them rapidly. Here are some ways you can follow: 

  • Gather Data From Sidebar

  • Ask For Reviews or Testimonials

  • Put CTA on Social Media

  • Create A Excellent Landing Page

  • Collect Emails At A Conference or Any Event

  • Use Different Subscribing Techniques


Start implementing all the above tips, methods and techniques mentioned in this article. Your email list will for sure start soaring like never before. We suggest that the best way is to leverage multiple options instead of just following one way. The above tips will help you grow your email list and reach out to your audience in various ways. 

As your email list will keep growing with the latest info of those leads interested in dealing with the brand or company, you will be able to convert them quite early into a customer. Tap into the power of email marketing and enjoy a higher return on investment. 

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